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Learn to Draw and Paint

Yes! You can learn to draw and paint using skills you already have

Either in my live class at the Sunshine Coast, Queensland or by correspondence via Email

Our art courses are ideal for:

– Adult Beginner Artists

– Students who wish to grow their current skill base or cover skill gaps

– Students preparing for formal creative art studies. Many organisations expect you to have drawing skills before you start (eg: animation)

Come and join me in The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course at my tranquil and picturesque studio on the Sunshine Coast.

The unique course consists of 6 individual units (each unit 7 weeks) and is based on twenty years of research into how people learn to draw and paint.  Presented in an easy to understand fun and fascinating format, the course provides you with an opportunity to take you from an absolute beginner to emerging as a confident, independent artist producing a high standard of original artwork upon completion. The complete course is a unique combination of traditional methods and contemporary knowledge.  The tuition programme is based upon the development of your four major comparison skills (natural gifts).  You use these everyday in your activities, however for the purpose of drawing they need to be combined and refined in a unique way.  The tuition and exercises presented to you in this course have been carefully designed to refine these and most people are able to draw within just a few months at a very high standard.  Upon completion of the exercises in each individual unit you will create a final artwork which you will find worthy of framing and sharing with your family and friends.

The complete course is helping hundreds of people from all around the world learn to draw and paint, who never before thought this was possible for them.  The results are phenomenal!

Here is a brief outline of techniques the 6 unit course will cover. How to draw (4 different ways of getting that vital foundation onto your canvas or paper with accuracy and skill), How to make that drawing look 3D by using professional tonal shading techniques to give shape and form. Six different pencil and 12 different charcoal drawing techniques.  Understanding Colour (including colour mixing, colour theory, six popular colour systems, brush techniques and learning the “artists tools”  for what makes a good painting that will hold your viewer’s attention). Theory of light and shade, study of drapery, portraiture study including individual face parts, realistic long, curly and male short hair. A self portrait.   Perspective and proportion, and composing your own original artwork from a basic thought or idea into a completed image.   Loads of extra hints, tips, ideas and additional information to grow you into a confident artist as we go along.

You can either study with me in a real life art class situation or via the internet. You will only need a computer with a scanner and be able to send and receive emails to study via internet.   The cost of each unit is currently $250.00 or $1200 if prepaid before the first day of term.

Would you like to know more? Or receive an informative brochure? Please contact me through this site, or email

Don Milner


Coloured Pencil Art

Coloured pencil Draw/Paint Unlike most other mediums which require lots of preparation and clean up after each time you work, Coloured Pencil is very clean and very portable. No mess! No fuss! During this unit you will discover the wonderful world of colour using Coloured Pencil as the medium. You will learn all properties and …

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Student Self Portraits

Some Self Portaits by Students in my Current Learn to Draw & Paint Course Joanne Gear – Pre Instruction Portrait Joanne Gear – Post Instruction Rhonda Hannaford – Pre Instruction Portrait Rhonda Hannaford – Post Instruction Portrait Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet …

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The Complete Drawing Certificate Course for Children

The Complete Drawing Certificate Course for Children         Glorius Apples – A colour pencil project from this course.  Suitable for Children 7-11 years This unique step-by-step course is perfect for your budding young artist (no previous experience necessary).  It’s also ideal if your child is showing natural ability and you want to give …

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