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The Complete Drawing Certificate Course for Children

The Complete Drawing Certificate Course for Children




  Glorius Apples – A colour pencil project from this course.

 Suitable for Children 7-11 years

This unique step-by-step course is perfect for your budding young artist (no previous experience necessary).  It’s also ideal if your child is showing natural ability and you want to give them the very best opportunity to develop their drawing skills to the next level.  Every exercise and project in this course is especially designed to build your child’s skills in logical and easy to understand steps.

A Firm Foundation for your Child’s Creative Future

Mastery of the solid drawing fundamentals presented in this course will set a great foundation for your child’s creative future.  By applying a combination of traditional techniques with drawing exercises that will help your child grow in skill and confidence.  This will enable your child to create unique and original artworks.

Your Child’s Personal Art Workbook

Every project and exercise will be kept in your child’s personal workbook.  As your child progresses through their course this workbook will develop into a valuable resource which they can refer to throughout their creative life.

Sessions and fees:                                                                                                                           

Suitable for Children (7-11 years)

Six individual units of study

8 classroom lessons per unit

One classroom attendance per week

Includes workbooks

$250 per school term + one off material cost

Classroom lessons are 1.5 hours in duration (3.30-5.00pm)

Discover more about the Complete Drawing Certificate Course by contacting me for more information.                                                                   Places are strictly limited.  Please call well in advance to reserve your place.