Elegant and beautiful queen of the flower world

A Tranquil Moment

Our hands say more than our eyes ever could

Georgianna’s Bouquet

Inspired by Georgianna Lane’s photograph shot in her own garden one lovely June evening.


A hot favourite and visual nourishment for the soul!

A Rose by Any Other..

A fragrant of the whole can be more evocative of the subject

Aphrodite’s Roses

Inspired by the Greek goddess Aphrodite – They say where ever she walked roses would grow. This is Amelia enjoying my roses before they are framed.

Joyce’s Roses

These roses are lovingly tendered by Joyce, my yoga teacher, in her magnificent garden. Joyce spoils me with her lovely diversity of flowers – I will never run out of inspiration to paint.


A beautiful contemporary painting of a romanticized tulip.


A detailed realistic portrayal of the frangipani, one of natures true girfts, portraying sensual beauty- you can almost smell the heady aroma.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Celebrating and portraying the fleeting beauty of “The Flower”. This painting is very large – 2m x 2m. By reversing the flow of power of life force from the giant human to the always smaller flower, allows the viewer to fully experience the overwhelming beauty contained in this fragile form.


This is a very large painting 2m x 2m. I make them large so that we will not overlook them

and cherish the beauty within.

Nov 08


Nov 08

A Shoe Well Travelled

May 18


Elegant and beautiful queen of the flower world

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