Art Classes Sunshine Coast

Have you been considering this might be the year to kick-start your art journey, or perhaps you have been doing art for some time but need help to grow further? Then Lyn Donald Art may be just the right people to help you on your journey.

We offer a range of Art Classes on the Sunshine Coast, including our full and comprehensive course, The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course (1 year), Coloured Pencil Painting Course (16 weeks), and the Children’s Drawing Certificate Course (6 terms).

Unlike many art classes that you can join, where the art instructor advises you to bring what you want to draw/paint and she will help you, we believe, whilst learning, you need clear instructions on what you will be creating and how to create it. After all, how do you know what you need to know unless you are made aware? We don’t believe in feeding our students little bits of information, as they need it. We believe in a carefully structured course giving our students complete information from the very first step of picking up your pencil or brush through to the completion of your very own artwork in the final chapter “Compose Original Artwork”. We endeavour to guide your art skills to a level where you are confidently making your own art and have mastered the essential artistic techniques for Drawing & Painting.

The unique course consists of 6 individual units covering a full year and is based on twenty years of research into how people learn to draw and paint. Presented in an easy to understand, fun and fascinating format, the course provides you with an opportunity to take you from an absolute beginner to emerging as a confident, independent artist producing a high standard of original artwork upon completion.

Art Classes Sunshine Coast

Shello Novello – Gum Leaves

The complete course is a unique combination of traditional methods and contemporary knowledge. The tuition programme is based upon the development of your four major comparison skills (natural gifts). You use these every day in your activities, however for the purpose of drawing they need to be combined and refined in a unique way. The tuition and exercises presented to you in this course have been carefully designed to refine these and most people are able to draw within just a few months at a very high standard. Upon completion of the exercises in each individual unit you will create a final artwork which you will find worthy of framing and sharing with your family and friends.

The complete course is helping hundreds of people to learn to draw and paint, who never before thought this was possible for them. The results are phenomenal! Before you know it, you’ll be creating artworks you only dreamed of, opening a whole new world of freedom and expression.

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