Coloured Pencil Course Sunshine Coast

Would you like to master Coloured Pencil & create inspiring rich & vibrant Coloured Pencil Paintings?

Coloured Pencil Course Sunshine Coast  – Unlike most other mediums which require lots of preparation and clean up after each time you work, Coloured Pencil is very clean and very portable. No mess! No fuss! You only need a few supplies, and it’s versatile and affordable.

With this course, you will learn to master all techniques of coloured pencil through unique step-by step exercises and hands on learning This allows you to create wonderful realism in your artwork, rich with colour and texture, to create desirable works of art. We look at techniques such as layering, shading, blending, burnishing, composition, colour theory and many other topics such as importance of light, and creating 3D objects in colour.

The exercises presented to you in this course have been carefully designed to develop and refine individual techniques at first and then combine them into quality artworks. These techniques allow you to achieve great results and create desirable painterly quality artwork. This helps valuable skills to develop in a very short period of time opening a whole new world of colour and freedom.

The course includes detailed course notes, full step-by step images, clear instructions, photos and exercises. This unique course consists of 16 Weeks.

Here is a brief outline of techniques the course covers:

Firstly, we will guide you through the basic coloured pencil techniques. Learn how to apply the basic pencil strokes, use and mix colours so you’re not compelled to buy dozens of different pencils to achieve the desired colour. Experience layering, transparency, values to create depth, texture, and create the painterly look through burnishing and solvents. Understand colour mixing, warm and cool colours and how to use them to your advantage.

In the final 2 weeks we will bring together every aspect of the course as a whole and you will learn how to take a simple thought or idea and bring it into a completed artwork. You will learn how and where to position all the different elements on your canvas (or page) for a strong balanced and harmonious composition. This enables you to create original art that you might either consider entering into competitions, selling or decorating your own home with.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Complete Beginners or those seeking additional skills of a new medium.

  • Those wishing to create quality painterly artworks rich with colour and fine detail without all the prep and clean-up of painting.

  • Those seeking a very portable artform, which allows you to stop and start at a moment’s notice.

Sessions & Fees

  • 16 weeks – (2 units)

  • Classroom Tuition – 3 hours per week

  • Includes Extensive Notes

  • $285.00 per unit x 2 units Totalling $570.00

  • Classes start at various times throughout the year

Your Art Instructor

I am an award-winning artist and enthusiastic art educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I have been teaching art is various forms for about 30 years and the current Drawing and Painting Certificate Course for the past 10 years. I also have a Diploma of Fine Arts/Visual Arts.

I also offer a one-on-one mentoring programme for students who reach a high level of ability through our Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course with a goal and passion to further develop their artistic skills, create original artworks and/or gallery representation. This is a very personal experience tailored specifically to the student to reach their full potential.

As your Art Instructor I will be guiding you from your very first strokes, step-by-step and in detail through the course to reach your full potential. For more details, please see the About Lyn page.

Lyn Donald Art Teacher

Next Steps

Please contact us for a detailed brochure of the applicable course, or to book a one on one information session where you will be given a full course outline.

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