The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course, Sunshine Coast

You can learn to draw and paint using skills you already have by joining my real-life art classes on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland!

Drawing and Painting Course Sunshine Coast –  Come and join me in The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course at my tranquil and picturesque studio on the Sunshine Coast. This course is perfect for you whether you are an absolute beginner, have some art experience but would love some help to move forward or improve your current skill level.

We endeavour to guide your art skills to a level where you are confidently making your own art through a carefully structured art curriculum designed to master the essential artistic techniques in Drawing & Painting. At the same time building confidence in your artistic ability.

The unique course consists of 6 individual units (each unit 7-8 weeks) and is based on twenty years of research into how people learn to draw and paint. Presented in an easy to understand fun and fascinating format, the course provides you with an opportunity to take you from an absolute beginner to emerging as a confident, independent artist producing a high standard of original artwork upon completion. The complete course is a unique combination of traditional methods and contemporary knowledge. The tuition programme is based upon the development of your four major comparison skills (natural gifts). You use these every day in your activities, however for the purpose of drawing they need to be combined and refined in a unique way. The tuition and exercises presented to you in this course have been carefully designed to refine these and most people are able to draw within just a few months at a very high standard. Upon completion of the exercises in each individual unit you will create a final artwork which you will find worthy of framing and sharing with your family and friends.

The complete course is helping hundreds of people from all around the world to learn to draw and paint, who never before thought this was possible for them. The results are phenomenal! Before you know it, you’ll be creating artworks you only dreamed of, opening a whole new world of freedom and expression. Please visit the tuition page for a brief summary

No need to drive all over the coast looking for workshops to help you develop great drawing and painting skills……..We can help you and it’s all in the one place.

Who is the Course For?

  • Adults and Children 12 years and over.

  • Complete Beginners or those seeking to advance their current skill level.

  • Those seeking a solid foundation in art skills.

  • Those Seeking to do quality artwork for pleasure including Hobby Artists.

  • Students who intend to enter into formal studies e.g. Illustration, animation, graphic design, visual arts or art therapy.

Sessions & Fees

  • Study in a real-life class situation in Bli Bli

  • 1 full year – approx. 46 weeks (6 units)

  • Classroom Tuition – 3 hours per week

  • Includes Extensive Notes

  • $285.00 per unit x 6 units or $1425.00 (Discount of 1 unit free) if paid before the first day of term 1
  • Classes start at the beginning of each calendar year

Your Art Instructor

I am an award-winning artist and enthusiastic art educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I have been teaching art is various forms for about 30 years and the current Drawing and Painting Certificate Course for the past 10 years. I also have a Diploma of Fine Arts/Visual Arts.

I also offer a one-on-one mentoring programme for students who reach a high level of ability through our Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course with a goal and passion to further develop their artistic skills, create original artworks and/or gallery representation. This is a very personal experience tailored specifically to the student to reach their full potential.

As your Art Instructor I will be guiding you from your very first strokes, step-by-step and in detail through the course to reach your full potential. For more details, please see the About Lyn page.

Lyn Donald Art Teacher

Next Steps

Please contact us for a detailed brochure of the applicable course, or to book a one on one information session where you will be given a full course outline.

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