Children’s Art Classes Sunshine Coast

Children’s Art Classes Sunshine Coast – Many parents in my Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course wished there was a similarly structured course for their school-aged children to gain a solid foundation in art skills, and the Drawing Certificate Course for Children was born.  It is based on the same techniques and skills as our hugely successful Adult Course and equips our little artists with all the hands-on learning to master essential techniques in drawing and produce good art.  We believe in a carefully structured course giving our students a wide range of skills from the very first step of picking up their pencil.  We endeavour to guide their art skills to a level where they are confidently making their own art.    As we work through each lesson new skills build off a previous one. We will be using the mediums of graphite pencil, charcoal, and coloured pencil.

This unique step-by-step course is perfect for your budding young artist (no previous experience necessary).  It’s also ideal if your child is showing natural ability and you want to give them the very best opportunity to develop their drawing skills to the next level.  Every exercise and project in this course is especially designed to build your child’s skills in logical and easy to understand steps.

Mastery of the solid drawing fundamentals presented in this course will set a great foundation for your child’s creative future.  By applying a combination of traditional techniques with drawing exercises that will help your child grow in skill and confidence.  This will enable your child to create unique and original artworks.

Every project and exercise will be kept in your child’s personal workbook.  As your child progresses through their course this workbook will develop into a valuable resource that they can refer to throughout their creative life.

Here is a brief outline of the techniques offered in each of the 6 units:

  • Unit 1: Outline Drawing – Outline Drawing is one of the most important foundation skills in drawing and art.  Your child will discover drawing techniques based on methods the professionals use.

  • Unit 2: Shading and Form – Kids often ask “How can I make my drawings look more real?”.  In this unit, your child’s drawings will transform from simple outlines and begin to show the illusion of depth.

  • Unit 3- Portraiture Foundations – Your child will develop the skills necessary to create their very own portrait using graphite pencil, charcoal, and white Conte.

  • Unit 4: Perspective & Proportion – Kids’ have great imaginations. When your child learns simple rules of perspective and methods for achieving correct proportions, they will find it easier to draw the things they dream up.

  • Unit 5: Colour Pencil & Colour Theory – The Simple rules of colour theory and colour pencil techniques are revealed to your child so they can create vibrant colour pencil artworks.

  • Unit 6: Compose Original Art – This unit brings together everything your child has learned during the entire course.  Your child will discover how to transform their ideas into completely original artworks through a three-stage process.

Grace Villano – Aged 12

Before Instruction Self Portrait

Children's Art Classes Sunshine Coast

Grace Villano – Aged 12

After Instruction Self Portrait

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Your Art Instructor

I am an award-winning artist and enthusiastic art educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. I have been teaching art is various forms for about 30 years and the current Drawing and Painting Certificate Course for the past 10 years. I also have a Diploma of Fine Arts/Visual Arts.

I also offer a one-on-one mentoring programme for students who reach a high level of ability through our Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course with a goal and passion to further develop their artistic skills, create original artworks and/or gallery representation. This is a very personal experience tailored specifically to the student to reach their full potential.

As your Art Instructor I will be guiding you from your very first strokes, step-by-step and in detail through the course to reach your full potential. For more details, please see the About Lyn page.