Drawing Classes Sunshine Coast

I run drawing classes on the Sunshine Coast, and after many years of teaching, I have come to understand that there’s something thoroughly satisfying about creating a great drawing.  Whether the drawing is an artwork in itself or whether it’s the foundation of a great painting.  It’s something that will last forever if care is taken, is an expression of who you are and develops dexterity of mind and hand.

Regularly, I hear people say “I can’t draw” or “I can only draw stick figures” but drawing is something we are all capable of doing with desire and good teaching.  By good teaching, I mean simplifying the whole process so that it is achievable and the exercises are absorbing.  This is why I teach The Complete Drawing and Painting Certificate Course.

Materials to draw are very basic – and you can do great pencil drawings with just a pencil, paper and eraser.  Later on, you may choose to expand your drawing materials if you wish, and include a range of mediums like graphite, charcoal, Conté crayon, pastels, and ink.  You can have a great deal of fun experimenting with different mediums for different results once you’ve mastered the basics.

Drawing Classes Sunshine Coast

Our Art Classes are designed to start you off where most people have left art behind.  This is usually somewhere about 12 years of age.  There are several reasons for this.  At about this time most children have entered high school and time is less plentiful, but mostly it is about this time children become acutely aware that their art’s not looking like they want it to and lack the skills to make it better.  Often the desire to create art will stay with a person unfulfilled and postponed until they reach a time in their adult life when it is possible.  Often retirement or flexi-working, when they feel they can “indulge” this passion.  We are all born to create, and when that natural desire is not fulfilled (work, mortgages, children, family), etc it will often show up in other ways, e.g. depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

In our Art Classes, most students are beginners and there are no expectations to arrive with any prior knowledge.  Some students have some skills but would like to improve, or perhaps they have been focusing on painting and lack the ability to draw well, therefore, lacking a firm foundation to base their painting.  Perhaps their drawing is stiff or looks amateurish and lets down the final painting. Learning drawing techniques will have you creating outstanding charcoal or graphite drawings in a fairly short period of time.  Take a look at our before/after artworks on the “Student Artworks” page.  These artworks have all been created by our beginner students about 21 weeks into the course.  This result is very achievable once you understand the drawing techniques.

We believe that drawing is the brains of your art, and the colour is the heart and soul.

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