Learn to Draw and Paint

This course consists of 6 individual printable units (each unit 7-8 weeks) split into 6 major course units or subjects

Each unit contains 5-6 weeks of major study plus 2 weeks which culminate in a challenging and rewarding drawing project to further strengthen your newly acquired skills.

Here is a brief outline of the techniques offered in each of the 6 units:

Unit 1 -Outline Drawing

This unit is one of the most important foundation skills and essential to develop accurate drawing.  We will learn several valuable methods and techniques that professionals use and train your eye-mind-hand coordination, vital for good drawing.  This we will do with some deceptively simple looking but challenging exercises.

Unit 2 – Shading & Form

In this unit your will learn how to transform those outline drawings into amazing 3D by understanding the professional Theory of Light and Shade. Six different pencil drawing techniques.  This unit also includes essential skills in drawing clothing and folds.  Correct Shading and the understanding of Form are the key ingredients needed to make your drawing ‘look more realistic than a photograph.’

Unit 3- Portraiture Foundations (in pencil & charcoal)

Realistic portraiture is seen by many artists as one of the ultimate skills and challenges. Portraiture also provides us with an excellent opportunity to further refine our studies of light and shade.

In this unit you will develop the skills required to create a realistic portrait.

You will discover the proportions of the face and study the individual facial features. We will practice the 12 different charcoal techniques.  This unit also includes three different hairstyles including long, short and curly.  This unit will culminate in creating your own self portrait using all the skills you have developed.

Unit 4 – Perspective & Proportion

Perspective and proportion is important to help you compose your own original artwork from a basic thought or idea into a completed image.  You will soon discover that it’s easy to create a huge variety of drawings from your imagination using these rules of perspective and methods for achieving correct proportions.  You’ll also learn how to use “the sighting technique” to apply proportion to drawings when drawing from life.

Unit 5 – Paint & Mix Colour

Every artist needs the freedom to be able to mix colour properly, lay paint onto a canvas or sheet of paper in the correct way and have a toolbox of brush techniques to get the desired effects in acrylic paint.  This unit is loaded with professional techniques that will help you get and hold your viewer’s attention.

You’ll discover how to use the colour wheel to your advantage, understand colour theory, and colour systems.  You will also learn traditional brush strokes and develop your brushwork skills through a series of enjoyable exercises.

Unit 6 – Compose Original Art

The ultimate goal for all artists is to create original harmonious balanced artwork that will capture your viewer’s attention and retain their interest.  Composition is the final area of study and will bring all the other artistic elements together. As an Artist you must thoroughly understand composition to create completely original artworks which are pleasing for the viewer.

We will reveal our unique 3 stage process for organising your thoughts and ideas into order to create original artwork.  Capturing those first initial thoughts through to a completed artwork.  You will discover and study the ten rules of composition that will help you compose beautifully every time.  We will explore different painting styles to help you discover artistic styles for your own composition.  In the final two weeks of this unit you will create a completely original painting composed by yourself and using the full array of skills you have learnt throughout the course.

Course Details:

  • Study in a real-life class situation in Bli Bli.
  • 1 full year – approx. 46 weeks (6 units)
  • Classroom Tuition – 3 hours per week
  • Includes Extensive Notes.
  • $285.00 per unit x 6 units or $1425.00 if paid before the first day of term 1.
  • Classes start at the beginning of each calendar year

The Complete Drawing Certificate Course for Children

 Suitable for school Aged Children 

This unique step-by-step course is perfect for your budding young artist (no previous experience necessary).  It’s also ideal if your child is showing natural ability and you want to give them the very best opportunity to develop their drawing skills to the next level.  Every exercise and project in this course is especially designed to build your child’s skills in logical and easy to understand steps.

A Firm Foundation for your Child’s Creative Future                                        

Mastery of the solid drawing fundamentals presented in this course will set a great foundation for your child’s creative future.  By applying a combination of traditional techniques with drawing exercises that will help your child grow in skill and confidence.  This will enable your child to create unique and original artworks.

Your Child’s Personal Art Workbook                                             

Every project and exercise will be kept in your child’s personal workbook.  As your child progresses through their course this workbook will develop into a valuable resource which they can refer to throughout their creative life.

Here is a brief outline of the techniques offered in each of the 6 units:

Unit 1: Outline Drawing

Outline Drawing is one of the most important foundation skills in drawing and art.  Your child will discover drawing techniques based on methods the professionals use.

Unit 2: Shading and Form

Kids’ often ask “How can I make my drawings look more real?”.  In this unit your child’s drawings will transform from simple outlines and begin to show the illusion of depth.

Unit 3- Portraiture Foundations

Your child will develop the skills necessary to create their very own portrait using graphite pencil, charcoal and white Conte.

Unit 4: Perspective & Proportion

Kids’ have great imaginations.  When your child learns simple rules of perspective and methods for achieving correct proportions they will find it easier to draw the things they dream up.

Unit 5: Colour Pencil & Colour Theory

The Simple rules of colour theory and colour pencil techniques are revealed to your child so they can create vibrant colour pencil artworks.

Unit 6: Compose Original Art

This unit brings together everything your child has learnt during the entire course.  Your child will discover how to transform their ideas into completely original artworks through a three-stage process.

                                                                                                                       Session and Fees:

  • Suitable for School Aged Children
  • Six individual units of study
  • 8 classroom lessons per unit
  • One classroom attendance per week
  • Includes Workbooks
  • $250 per school term + material costs
  • Classroom lessons are 2 hours in duration (3.30-5.30pm).
  • Held at Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast.
  • Small classes

Places are strictly limited.   Please call well in advance to reserve your place.  Contact us for further information or your complimentary one-on-one information session.

Coloured pencil Draw/Paint

Would you like to master Coloured Pencil and create inspiring and quality Coloured Pencil Artwork?

With our Professional support, you can open a whole new world of freedom and expression

Begin your journey today

Unlike most other mediums which require lots of preparation and clean up after each time you work, Coloured Pencil is very clean and very portable.  No mess!  No fuss!  With just a few supplies, versatile and affordable.

During this unit you will discover the wonderful world of colour using Coloured Pencil as the medium.  You will learn all properties and techniques of coloured pencil through unique step-by step exercises and hands on learning to allow you to create wonderful realism in your artwork, rich with colour and texture to create desirable works of art.

Our fully comprehensive course provides you with a complete hands-on learning opportunity with a goal to emerge a confident, independent artist producing a high standard of original Coloured Pencil artwork upon completion.  The course includes detailed course notes, full step-by step images, clear instructions, photos and exercises.  This unique course consists of 16 Weeks.

The exercises presented to you in this course have been carefully designed to develop and refine individual techniques at first and then combine them into quality artworks.  These techniques allow you to achieve great results and create desirable painterly quality artwork.  This helps valuable skills to develop in a very short period of time opening a whole new world of colour and freedom.

Here is a brief outline of techniques the course covers:   

Firstly, we will guide you through the basic coloured pencil techniques. Learn how to apply the basic pencil strokes, use and mix colours so you’re not compelled to buy dozens of different pencils to achieve the desired colour.   Experience layering, transparency, values to create depth, texture, and create the painterly look through burnishing and solvents.  Understand colour mixing, warm and cool colours and how to use them to your advantage.

In the final 2 weeks we will bring together every aspect of the course as a whole and you will learn how to take a simple thought or idea and bring it into a completed artwork.  We will learn how and where to position all the different elements on your canvas (or page) for a strong balanced and harmonious composition.    This enables you to create original art that you might either consider entering into competitions, selling or decorating your own home with.

Course Details:

  • 16 weeks – (2 units)
  • Classroom Tuition – 3 hours per week
  • Includes Extensive Notes
  • $285.00 per unit x 2 units Totalling $570.00
  • Classes start at various times throughout the year.

Please contact me.

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